12 Week Program

How It Works

My 12 week program begins with a 60 minute one on one coaching session to get to know you and help you define your concerns and goals. You will gain an understanding of the power of food, hormones, inflammation, proper recovery, sleep cycles, macro and micro-nutrition. I will provide you with the guidance and support to make sure you reach these goals. You will have a plan in place to begin your program and we will meet again in 6 – 7 weeks.

Second Meeting

We meet again for a 60 Minute follow up meeting and discuss your progress at this point, any questions or concerns you may have.

Third Meeting

60 minute follow up and tweaks to your program

Fourth Meeting

30 minute follow up and program adjustments – including phasing into maintenance. ​

The program includes follow up support emails and handouts. ​

$305 for complete 12 week program.​