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12-Week Program

In a 12 week program, receive guidance with your goals in health and wellness

Functional Medicine Detox

Boost your health with a quarterly detox.

Integrative Health puts the focus on the “WHY” of symptoms, instead of the “WHAT” is the symptom.

Integrative Health offers a Whole Body approach to achieving optimal Health. A group of symptoms is the deciding factor in a diagnosis in conventional medicine; Integrative health aims to work along side of it using diet, exercise, toxin removal, emotional and mental health, and supplementation to balance and heal the body naturally.

As an Integrative Health Practitioner Health Coach I believe this approach is what helped me achieve the status of health I now have and my mission is to help others to do the same.

I believe that DIET and LIFESTYLE should be medicine to our bodies. EXERCISE is essential everyday as our bodies are built to move. STRESS is a huge factor in our lives and we must learn how to handle all forms whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

TOXINS are real and our bodies can become overwhelmed at trying to remove the over 77,000 plus different chemicals in our environment from what is sprayed on our food , to personal care products and even in the materials our homes and furniture are made with. These can cause so many of the symptoms we suffer with and must be removed from our bodies on an ongoing basis through Functional Medicine Detoxes.

REST and letting ourselves know that its OK to be Quiet and Still is so important. We must learn to enter into the Rest and Digest state letting everything that sais to “keep going”, or “don’t stop until you drop” mentality go even for just a short time everyday. Our nervous system needs to be able to Rest in order for the body to refresh and rebuild.

EMOTIONAL BALANCE is also a key component to our health and we must learn to Create Emotional Balance. Letting go of negative emotions, overcoming anxiety and begin living your best life.

I believe that SUPPLEMENTATION is needed today as most people are rushed throughout the day not having the time it takes to prepare nourishing meals that provide the necessary nutrients we need on a daily basis.

And finally, having the SUCCESS mindset is key to a healthy life. Changing your mindset from “that could never happen to me” to “I did it” is liberating! Change Your Mind and You CAN and WILL Change Your Body!