Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea is an “Antioxident Superpower” with more catechins than regular brewed green tea.  Matcha Green Tea consists of the entire leaf so you receive 100% of the nutritional benefit of the tea.  This form of green tea delivers a mega-dose of cancer fighting EGCg (catechins) in every serving.  This powerful antioxidant is only found in green tea, and Matcha Green Tea delivers 4 times the catechins as regular green tea.

EGCg is believed to help kill cancerous cells and stop their progression, increases Breast Cancer survival rates and significantly inhibits tumors.  This Match Green Tea is also known for helping to lower blood sugar and protect the heart, liver and kidneys. It has no sugar so it will not spike blood sugar or insulin.  Drinking several cups a day is believed to lower the incidence of depression and can cut breast cancer risk in half!

Another great benefit of Matcha Green Tea is its ability to boost the metabolism and burn fat without raising blood pressure or heart rate.  It is found to increase thermogenesis in the body (the body’s own rate of burning calories), and is rich in the amino acid L-Theanine which promotes relaxation and well-being.  An additional benefit is L-Theanine may help with memory, learning and ability while inhibiting any possible side effects from caffeine which is a natural component in green tea. Therefore by drinking Matcha Green Tea it promotes concentration and clarity of mind without any nervouse energy often found when drinking coffee.

One last thing about Matcha Green Tea: with its beautiful green color it helps to safely detoxify the body of harmful elements, chemicals and heavy metals as well.  The higher chlorophyll content in Matcha is due to the fact that it is grown only in the shade which makes it a fantastic daily detox drink.  Add lemon and or a sweetener of choice and enjoy daily.