Get on the “A” List

What the heck is the “A” List you ask? Well it’s the list of things you can do and or include into your daily life to help with Anti-Aging!

First on the list is : Get  a good nights sleep!  Sleep is so important for our bodies to recover and clean house.  When you get a good nights sleep your brain and body can function at an optimal level but when you don’t you may notice how you struggle to carry out even the smallest task the next day and become moody as the day goes on.

Second: Decide what’s important to you in life and build on that. Things may not always go your way but everyday is a blessing and we need to cherish each one.

Third: Add Anti-Aging foods to your daily diet.  Instead of focusing on the things you think are unhealthy and trying to avoid them just be positive and add in some more of the good stuff.  These things include lots of berries, avocados, garlic, wild salmon and cacao and of course lots of vegetables especially green vegetables.

Fourth: Try adding in Meditation and Prayer each day even for a short time. Give thanks for all you have and be happy for others regardless of their position in life.  Try reaching out in some way to inspire others to better themselves or volunteer a little of your time to help another person.

Fifth:  Of course it’s to Exercise!  Our bodies are made to move so try to get moving at least a little everyday.  Try a new class if you are used to one particular type every now and then.  If the weather is nice and you are able take a walk outside and enjoy it, go for it.  Everybody usually has a favorite time of day so whatever is yours enjoy that time each day hopefully with loved ones.

So the choice is yours.  We all have hard times when we are struggling with life and times when things seem to be going great.  If we make a few small changes each day to be the best person we can be we will live happier, healthier lives and love longer.  Now that’s worth striving for.