Tips to Get Well and Stay Well

I find that many people are willing and ready to make a change to improve their health but just aren’t sure where to start. These tips are easy to incorporate into someone’s everyday routine without taking up a lot of time so they can become habits very quickly. So, if you are just beginning your journey towards a healthier you, check out the tips I will be listing and remember it’s always a great time to start.

Tip #1:  Drink Lemon Water First Thing in the Morning

  • Helps to boost the immune system
  • Helps to alkalize the body
  • Aids in digestion – can help to relieve symptoms like heartburn and bloating
  • Can help to cleanse your system by enhancing enzyme function
  • Helps to reduce inflammation
  • Lemons are an excellent source of potassium
  • May help fight viral infections

Optional things to add in:

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Sea Salt
  • Raw Honey
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon

Try to make it easy when starting with this.  If you don’t have time to squeeze fresh lemon juice every day or week, try buying some organic lemon juice and use that.  Make your drink the night before by pouring about 6 oz. of water into a glass and about 2-3 oz. of your lemon juice  (or the juice of 1 whole lemon) and if you decide to add anything else into it and mix together.  Bring this glass with you into your bedroom and keep it on your bathroom counter so it’s there when you get up in the morning.  This makes it so much easier to drink it when you don’t have to walk all the way into your kitchen in the morning to make it.  When you do go into the kitchen it’s ok to have whatever else you would like to eat or drink and your body will be ready to digest it.

Can’t wait to share my next tip with you!